Independent Self Trap

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If I have fallen into the Independent Self Trap I will imagine that I am totally separate and distinct from other people. I will have forgotten my interconnectedness and interdependence with others. 

Traditional logic programing tells us a thing cannot be itself and something else (A is not not A). 

This trap determines the kind of action that a person or organization takes when it fails to consider the people who will be deeply affected by it.

In relationships, sometimes one partner will act as if his or her actions had no effect on the other partner. For instance, one partner will spend money on something that prevents the family from buying things it needs. Or one or more of the partners will spend so much time in advancing their careers that relationships suffer in the family as a whole. Because we think of ourselves only as independent selves, one sometimes we do nothing, i.e., do not call or write a loved or friend for a few days when they are expecting it, and find out from their reactions that we are not as independent as we had thought. 



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